Tabbys Painting Service


We have two standards of painting, Wargames & Collectors.

Wargames standard is basically a block painting overall with all metal work picked out, chin straps, buttons etc. The flesh tones are applied with two layers, a base colour with the flesh colour highlighted over the top, leaving a detailed finish to the face and hands.

It's a more robust painting style to allow for continuous use on the table and also to look effective in the heat of battle.

My current Wargames standard of painting does not leave any black edges (as in some of my earlier work in the photos), however I am happy to do whichever the customer prefers. 

Collectors standard has a more involved painting style, with more time spent on each figure. Block painting to begin with then shading is applied throughout, on every part of the figure. All clothing & equipment has one or two layers applied, giving a feeling of depth and movement. All the metalwork is picked out, including buttons, weaponry, shako & horse furniture and gaiters.

The flesh tones involve four treatments. A base colour, a lighter flesh tone, a brown wash and then a flesh colour on top to add even more detail. Eyes can also be added if preferred.

I am also more than happy to paint in a style that you, as the customer, would prefer. If there is any particular shading or colours that are wanted then I am willing to do that. I have many customers who have their own individual styles which I am able to adapt to.

Also if you would like me to match up to a previous painters style and use of colours, to help blend in with your existing armies or figures, then I am more than capable of doing that.