Welcome to Tabbys Painting Service




We have been painting miniatures since 1987 and it's something that we continue to enjoy and get a great deal of satisfaction from doing.

We are full time professional painters, painting daily, not only at evenings and - or at weekends!


We have a vast experience in all era's from ancients

to modern to fantasy & Sci-Fi.

Our aim is to supply excellent quality painting at a price that is affordable and acceptable to wargamers & collectors alike. With a fast friendly & efficient service.

The sizes we paint to are 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm & 25/28mm.

We paint to both wargames and collectors standard.

We also have an excellent basing service.

We can also match up to an existing painting style that you are used to or would like future figures to blend in with.

For further details please contact us at :


Discounts are available on larger orders, and also for clubs and societies.